• Safety Net
    Safety Net

    Eric Zenner-Oil on Canvas

  • Big Mosh Pit
    Big Mosh Pit

    Dan Witz - Oil and Mixed Media On Canvas

  • Milk Girl
    Milk Girl

    Diego Gravinese- Oil on Canvas

  • Dream of Love
    Dream of Love

    Glennray Tutor- Oil on Canvas

Photorealism emerged as an art form in the early 1960’s using photography as its inspiration.Photorealism is essentially the re-creation of a photograph onto a canvas, either by hand or with the help of a program such as photoshop. The result is an extremely detailed image that is often so realistic its easily mistaken for the original photograph.Looking at the amazing attention to detail in these artworks, it goes without saying that photorealistic artists deserve serious kudos for their patience and dedication to their work.