Brand Toys are “playful visualisations of the personality of brands”, in other words if brands were weird little creatures, this is what they would look like. The “Toys” (as they are affectionally known) are created using quantitative research that provide insight into the way in which the brands are perceived by consumers. Each aspect of the Toys personality and physical appearance has a specific meaning, for example the size of the Toys eyes reflect how much charisma consumers perceive the brand to have, while the size of its feet depict its perceived trustworthiness. Each Toy also has its very own weather system (a sun or a rain cloud) pictured in the background, which symbolises whether the brands current online buzz is negative or positive. The Toys are intended to add a touch of playfulness to the very serious (and often boring) world of market research, by enabling easy comparisons to be made between brands without having to consult pages and pages of seemingly endless information. Check out more of your favourite brands “Toys” at