Planet earth is a crowded place, which is why many of us find ourselves stuck in an apartment in the city with no real garden or plant life around. So the next best option is a pot plant and lets face it, the poor long suffering pot plant doesn’t stand much chance. After years of abuse and being mistreated, the common house pot plant is definitely a resilient creature, but even the most resilient of creatures will eventually give in when left in a dark corner behind the cupboard with no water or direct sunlight for 2 weeks. Most of us don’t intentionally kill our pot plants, but in an apartment where every inch of space is crucial, pot plants end up taking up valuable space that could otherwise be occupied by the 72 inch plasma TV.
But now it seems things may be looking up for the long suffering pot plant with the invention of Sky Planters by Boskke. The Sky planters allow you to hang your pot plants upside down from brackets on your walls, which saves floor space and acts as living wall art. The internal reservoir also waters the plants for you, saving the plants life and your time and water. Another ingenious invention is the Whirligro of Scotland. The whirligro is made up of a 10 tubes that hold space for 3 plants, meaning you get to plant 30 plants in an area under 1m by 1m- essentially enabling you to grow a mini garden in the comfort of your own lounge.
With these awesome inventions now available the question we all have to ask ourselves is why settle for conventional when you could have awesome instead?