Our client FrieslandCampina WAMCO, recently briefed Leftfield to conceptualise a campaign that would take on a broader “category” job in the market. Research had shown that Nigerians were not drinking “milk” nearly often enough, “milk” being a category that Peak has approximately 75% market share in. Amongst other ideas, the agency came up with a fun, irreverant TV campaign that simply highlighted the benefits of drinking milk more often - or to be specific ‘everyday’. One of the ads spoke to women and their beauty, the second related more to men and the benefit of strength & the third appealed to kids (or mothers) and the benefit of brain power and succeeding at school.

  • In this ad, an ordinary shopper (clearly a milk drinker) is mistaken by the Paparazi for the celeb they were waiting for. More Milk, More Beauty.

  • More Brain Power
    More Brain Power

    Our young, milk drinking scholar finds himself in the seniors class. He amazes everyone by solving a complicated maths equation.

  • More Strength
    More Strength

    In this funny spot, our unlikley hero single-handedly is able to lift a huge weight that the champion weight-lifter was unable to lift.

Watch the ads here: