This blog post was written just after 4am in the morning. “Searching for Sugar Man” has just won the Oscar for best documentary feature. Rodriguez, an absolute legend and very special human being was not at the event. A big congratulations to all involved, but particularly the South Africans Craig Strydom and Steve “Sugar” Segerman who played a big part in the story.

Craig joined Leftfield as our Creative Director last year after a 15 year stint in the USA. We have all been following the hype, publicitiy and excitement around the film’s nomination. A deserved win.

If you haven’t seen the movie - you must!

Craig recently told his story to Rolling Stone magazine:

This Is Not A Song, It’s An Outburst By Craig Bartholomew Strydom

The early ‘70s saw the birth of a curious connection between apartheid South Africa and a dead man. What follows is a journey through Rodriguez’s lyrics to find out why”